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Natural Bamboo Wind Chimes For Outside

Second batch, first batch sold out very quickly after optimising the ad kewords.

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The windchimes are already in Amazon Warehouses in the US, ready to be sold.
This is the second batch. The first batch of 500 units was sold out in June last year, and new stock arrived later than expected in September.
The price is for the stock, listing and brand. (The wind paddle has the logo on it)

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

The AMZ listing is as here (Keyword optimised).


  • Back to nature with a calming bamboo wind chime. Let the mellow natural deep tone wash away the distressing sounds of everyday life.
  • Bamboo chimes for outdoors measuring 27" high and 4" wide makes these medium garden wind chimes the perfect size.
  • These outdoor bamboo wind chimes medium size are made from materials that is sustainable grown especially for natural wind chime.
  • These outdoor garden wind chimes are hardy and long lasting. You can use these windchimes for relaxation for an extended period of time.
  • These garden wind chimes outdoor are perfect as a Birthday gift. For a friend, these patio wind chimes would be be a very welcome addition.

These bamboo wind chimes for outside deep tone are crafted from the finest bamboo.

If you think of wind chimes bamboo you'll find them perfect for relaxing. It is great for your garden or any size of patio.
The careful design of these bamboo wooden wind chimes for relaxation will definitely soothe your mood. Even using the wood chimes outdoors will give the destressing nature wind chime sound a mellow feel.
At the end of the day, the soothing wood wind chime for relaxation would be perfect! Use bamboo wind chimes to lift your mood and feel the sound of the calming wooden wind chime

These wooden chimes will last a long time.
You will enjoy the bamboo wind chime for relaxation, a mood enhancer, and a peaceful soothing bamboo wind chime for an extended time.
The mellow sound bamboo wind chime will lift your mood anytime.
They are also sustainably grown bamboo and is green and kind to the environment in more than one way. The mellow sound wind chime will give a lasting impression and produce the most soothing and relaxing sound in the wind

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