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3 tier handing fruit basket and fruit peeler

Hand-woven 3-tier Hanging Fruit Basket Perfect Kitchen Organizer & Space Saver

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  • VERSATILITY. While serving as a great spot for all your fresh produce, this hanging basket has many other uses as well: A hanging wall basket can serve as a bit of throwback kitchen decor. It’s just the kind of touch that adds coziness to any living space. It may also be used for hanging living plants or for miscellaneous storage.
  • COUNTERTOP SPACE SAVER. The hanging basket for the kitchen organizes fruit and produces it while saving countertop space. The 3-tier open design lets air circulate, and the basket allows fruits and vegetables to breathe to keep fruits fresh and ripe.
  • DESIGN. Our product consists of 3 interconnected wicker baskets suspended on a single point that could be hung anywhere. Each fruit basket is unique and is attached with braided jute rope. The jute ropes converge on the top to form a knotted loop. Circular-shaped woven designed bottoms of each basket prevent items from falling out.
  • MEASUREMENTS. The overall hanging height is 37.5 inches. The diameter of every woven basket from top to bottom is 7 inches, 9 inches, and 11 inches. All three are nearly 3.5 inches deep to help you store your kitchen items in a neat and organized manner. It can hold up to 10 pounds max.
  • CARE & PRECAUTIONS. Caring for a 3 tier fruit basket is easy. The hanging baskets should be regularly vacuumed or dusted to prevent dust from accumulating and wiping them down with a soft, moist cloth periodically is recommended. If something is spilled on the basket, it should be mopped up immediately with a towel to prevent staining.
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