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Wooden Bowls for Food and Decor – Organic and Eco-Friendly Kitchen Set

Coconut Bowl–Hand Carved Designs on Bowls - Set of 2 Bowls, spoons and folks

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  • TROPICAL VIBES: Enjoy a delicious acai bowl or an amazing breakfast with our coconut bowls! Our set is made using natural coconut shells, that will provide you a veritable exotic experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • EXQUISITE ARTISAN CRAFT: The Coconut bowls come from natural coconut shells that were cut, cleaned, carved, and sanded by hand. Then the bowls were polished, so they have a smooth, shiny finish. They have a unique contour as they were shaped individually by the hand of experienced artisans.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN:  Coconut bowls are handmade, using only natural materials. The bowls are 100% organic, BPA-free, and do not contain any synthetic or plastic materials. Even for the smooth finish, we used organic virgin coconut oil.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Practical design, natural coconut bowls can be used for a wide range of purposes. First of all, they are great for serving food, so you can enjoy your favorite desserts, smoothies, cereal, or salads with pleasure. Also, the bowls can be used as a décor piece, to hold small items, such as keys, cards, or trinkets.
  • COMPLETE SET: A kitchen set containing 2 coconut bowls, with 2 wooden spoons and 2 forks, and a special brochure with information about the coconut, how to use the bowls and care instructions. 
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Q: Is there a consistent concern that is causing the review to be 3.0? What are your COGS? posted by: HAEmporium 8/1/2021 3:55 PM ET
A: Hi again: My COG on this set was $5.60 per set and $4.44 for the shipping cost, a total of $10.04
Q: What is the country of origin on these? Do you have certificates for wood products for these? Thanks. posted by: Downunderseller 7/5/2021 8:52 PM ET
A: Hi : These bowls were made in Vietnam. This product in not wood, it is shell, therefore there is no certificate for wood. If this product is purchased, I will also provide all the information for the supplier.